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Date: 12-SEP-2013

Peaky Blinders starring Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and Helen McCrory starts tonight on BBC2 at 9pm. This is a 6 part series which looks to be… read..

Channel 4 Drama "Coup" Name Change And Air Date

Date: 29-OCT-2012

Channel 4 drama "Coup" now under a new name of "Secret State" and starring Gabriel Byrne, begins on Weds 7th Nov at 10pm. Gadbury… read..

MRS BIGGS - ITV Drama series

Date: 29-AUG-2012

Mrs Biggs, the new ITV five part drama series starring Sheridan Smith as Charmain Biggs, begins on ITV1 on Weds 5th Sept at 9pm. Thistells the… read..

"SAVAGE" Renamed "GOOD COP" Transmission Date

Date: 14-AUG-2012

BBC's Police Drama "Savage" which has been renamed "Good Cop" begins 30th Aug on BBC1 at 9pm. Gadbury artistes featured heavily in… read..


Date: 12-MAR-2012

The second series of Scott & Bailey starring the dynamic duo Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp graces our screens tonight at 9pm on ITV. As with the… read..


Date: 12-MAR-2012

Drama "Love Life" starring Andrea Lowe, Rob James-Collier and Alexander Armstrong starts Thurs 15th Mar at 9pm on ITV. Gadbury played a big… read..


Date: 23-FEB-2012

The new series of White Van Man starts tonight on BBC3 at 9.30pm. Look out for a range of Gadbury faces throughout the series! read..


Date: 19-JAN-2012

The new Tiger Aspect drama "Bound" which has been renamed to "Prisoners' Wives" starring Emma Rigby and Jonas Armstrong will be shown on Tues 31st… read..


Date: 19-JAN-2012

Well it's back to the antics on the Chatsworth Estate for the 9th series of Shameless now showing on Channel 4. Gadbury are extremely proud to be… read..


Date: 13-SEP-2011

Gadbury is very proud to have provided lots of people for the new Vauxhall commercial, now showing. Well done to everyone who took part! Here's a link… read..


Date: 25-AUG-2011

Gadbury is very proud to have one of our Artiste's featured in the new WKD "Pub Hush" commercial now showing. Well done Steve! Click here… read..

"APPROPRIATE ADULT" - Tranmission Date

Date: 25-AUG-2011

"Appropriate Adult" - Drama starts on Sun 4th Sept at 9pm on ITV The two-part drama,directedbyJulianJarroldisabout theFred and… read..

"SCOTT & BAILEY" transmission date

Date: 20-MAY-2011

New drama Scott & Bailey starring Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharpe begins on Sunday 29th May, 9pm on ITV. We are very proudtobeone of the main… read..

"EXILE" Transmission Date

Date: 27-APR-2011

New psychological drama "Exile" starring John Simm, Jim Broadbent and Shaun Dooley begins Sunday 1st May 9pm on BBC1. Gadbury provided a… read..

Hovis "Farmers Race" Commercial

Date: 13-APR-2011

Look out forGadbury faces on the new Hovis "Farmers Race" commercial now showing. Well done and thank you to those involved for a gruelling… read..

Crimson, Petal And The White - Transmission Date

Date: 6-APR-2011

Crimson, Petal and The White is on our screens on Weds 6th April - BBC2 at 9pm. Look out for a range of Gadbury faces. read..

Bernard Matthews TV Commercial

Date: 24-MAR-2011

Gadbury are very proud to be the only supplier of Supporting Artistes for the new Bernard Matthews commercial starring Marco Pierre White and Martin… read..

"ROUTE IRISH" out in cinemas Fri 18th March

Date: 3-MAR-2011

"Route Irish" (Sixteen North Films) and directed by Ken Loach is out in cinemas on Fri 18th March.This has received fantastic reviews and… read..

"BEDLAM" - Transmission Date

Date: 4-FEB-2011

"Bedlam" a new horror series starring Will Young starts on Monday 7th Feb at 10pm on SkyLiving. Gadbury was very proud to be one ofthe main… read..


Date: 4-JAN-2011

The new series of Shameless begins on Monday 10th Jan on Channel 4 at 10pm. Gadbury is a main supplier of Supporting Artistes for this so keep an eye… read..


Date: 10-DEC-2010

Well done to everyone who took part in the making of the "Natwest 24/7" Online TV commercial now showing. Look out for lots of Gadbury… read..

"AWOL" Now Called "Some Dogs Bite" Air Date

Date: 8-NOV-2010

"AWOL" which is being aired under the new name "Some Dogs Bite" will be shown on BBC3 on Weds 10th Nov at 9pm. Gadbury is very proud to be the main… read..

"ACCUSED" - New Jimmy McGovern Drama

Date: 8-NOV-2010

NewJimmy Mcgovern drama "Accused"begins on Monday 15th November on BBC1 at 9pm. Look out for lots of Gadbury faces on this exciting new… read..

BBC Local Radio TV Commercial

Date: 6-NOV-2010

Look out for a host of Gadbury faces in the new BBC Local Radio commercial now showing. Well done to all involved - you did a great job! Here's the… read..

"Cod Liver Oil - Temple of Steve" Commercial

Date: 15-OCT-2010

Look out for a Gadbury face on the "Cod Liver Oil - Temple Of Steve" Commercial now showing. Well done you know who you are ! … read..

Nivea Idents

Date: 6-OCT-2010

Look out for several Gadbury faces featured in the NiveaSponsorshipIdents that are now showing between "This Morning" on ITV. Well done… read..

Macdonalds "Weather" Commercial

Date: 18-JUL-2010

Look out for a Gadbury face on the new Macdonalds "Weather" Commercial now showing. Here's the link to see it. Well done! … read..

Saudi Telecom Commercial

Date: 18-JUL-2010

Gadbury provided lots of people for the making of a Saudi Telecom Commercial at Old Trafford. This commercial won't be on UK TV but here is a link to… read..

Saudi Telecom Commercial

Date: 29-JUN-2010

ThankyoutoeveryonewhotookpartinthemakingoftheSaudi Telecom commercial with Mob Films which unfortunately isn't going to be shown on UK TV… read..

"Worried About The Boy" Transmission Date

Date: 9-MAY-2010

"Worried About The Boy" - Film about the life of Boy George in the early 80's is on BBC2 on Sunday 16th May at 9pm. Gadbury were the main… read..

Homebase Commerical

Date: 8-MAR-2010

Look out for a host of Gadbury faces on the new Homebase commercial nowshowing. Well done to all involved! Click here to see the commercial. … read..

The Sun - Alton Towers Promotion

Date: 28-FEB-2010

Look out for a Gadbury face in The Sun's Alton Towers Promotion. It looks like you had a great day filming this !! … read..

"Worried About The Boy" TV Film

Date: 18-FEB-2010

"Worried About The Boy " Film About The Life Of Popstar Boy George before he became famous. Starring Mathew Horne (Gavin & Stacey), Mark… read..

Shameless 7 on screens tonight!!

Date: 26-JAN-2010

Shameless series 7 is back on our screens tonight, 10pm on Channel 4. Gadbury are very proud to be a main contributor of SAs for this series. Well… read..

Britains Biggest Heists Series Transmission Date

Date: 5-JAN-2010

Look out for a host of Gadbury faces featured in the "Britains Biggest Heists" Series starting Thurs 7th Jan, at 8pm on The Crime And… read..

"Fattest Man In Britain" transmission date change!

Date: 9-DEC-2009

The Fattest Man in Britain will be on screens on Sun 20th Dec at 9pm on ITV1 not Christmas Eve as previously advertised !! Look out for lots of… read..

AWOL Drama

Date: 3-DEC-2009

It's the end of filming for the BBC3 Drama AWOL, directed by Marc Munden. Gadbury were the main supplier of SA and Walk On roles for this and we have… read..

"Route Irish" Ken Loach Feature

Date: 3-DEC-2009

Filming is over now for the new Ken Loach Feature and Gadbury are very proud to be the only supplier of SA's for this. Excellent feedback has been… read..

"Fattest Man In Britain" Transmission Date

Date: 27-NOV-2009

"FattestManinBritain"transmissionisChristmasEve,9pmonITV1. Written by Caroline Aherne and Jeff Pope and starring Timothy… read.. Gold Commercial

Date: 27-NOV-2009

Look out for a Gadbury face on the Gold TVC and internet viral. Excellent feedback from the Director was received from this… read..

Macdonalds "It's Behind You" TV Commercial

Date: 27-NOV-2009

A Gadbury Artiste managed a main role in the new Macdonalds "Its Behind You" TV Commercial.Well done to those concerned. Here is the link… read..


Date: 25-OCT-2009

Look out for Gadbury faces on the new series of Waterloo Road starting 28th Oct on BBC1. Well done and thank you to all involved! read..


Date: 20-OCT-2009

Gadbury are proud to be part of the new Heinz TV commercial, now showing, which is their biggest ad for many years. Well done to those involved.… read..

FIFA 10 TV Commercial

Date: 4-OCT-2009

Look out formanyGadbury faces featuring in the FIFA10 commercial now showing. Well done and thank you to all involved. Here's a link if you haven't… read..

Co-op Insurance Commercial

Date: 23-AUG-2009

Well done to those who took part in the Co-op Insurance Commercial currently showing on Sky Channels. Here is a link if you haven't seen it. … read..

Colne R&B Music Festival

Date: 23-AUG-2009

Look out for Gadbury faces on the Colne R&B Music Festival Commercial. Well done to those concerned! Here is the link to view it … read..

The Fattest Man In Britain

Date: 23-AUG-2009

TV Comedy Drama, written by Carol Aherne and Jeff Pope and starring Timothy Spall and Bobby Ball. Gadbury was proud to be the main supplier of the… read..

FIFA 10 Commercial

Date: 23-AUG-2009

Starring Wayne Rooney. Thank you to everyone who took part in the filming of the FIFA 10 commercial, on screens soon. read..

Robinsons Cordial Commercial

Date: 27-JUN-2009

Look out for Gadbury faces on the Robinsons cordial commercial currently showing. Well done to all concerned!!  read..

Shameless 6

Date: 15-MAY-2009

Well done to everyone who featured in the last series of Shameless. It was a great success. read..

Virgin Trains Commercial

Date: 15-MAY-2009

Look out for Gadbury faces in the new Virgin Trains Commercial now showing. Well done to all involved! read..

"Looking For Eric" in Cinemas June 12th

Date: 15-MAY-2009

"Looking For Eric" (Sixteen Films North Ltd) and directed by Ken Loach is out in cinemas on June 12th. This has received fantastic reviews… read..

'Unforgiven' ITV1

Date: 27-JAN-2009

Well done to everyone involved in the filming of 'Unforgiven' (ITV1) which has recently been on our screens. The mini series has received incredible… read..

'Apparitions' BBC1

Date: 13-NOV-2008

BBC1's new series 'Apparitions' starring Martin Shaw and Shaun Dooley begins tonight at 21:00. Watch out for Gadbury Artistes in this exciting new… read..

'Sherlock Holmes' Success

Date: 31-OCT-2008

Well done to all Artistes who were involved in 'Sherlock Holmes'! It's been a great success for the Agency due to the dedication of all who took part.… read..

Peter Kay's new show on our screens soon

Date: 10-OCT-2008

Watch out for Peter Kay's new show 'Britain's Got the Pop Factor...and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice' .… read..

Hovis Commercial Link

Date: 1-OCT-2008

Thanks toallthoseinvolved in the filming of the new Hovis commercial that's currently showing on our screens. Here's a link if you haven't… read..

Warner Bros Coming to Manchester

Date: 12-SEP-2008

We're very excited to announce Gadbury Casting as one of the few selected Agencies to cast the SA's in the new Sherlock Holmes feature. Directed by… read..

Transmission date for 'Massive' BBC3

Date: 9-SEP-2008

We look forward to watching the 1st of a new BBC3 6ep.comedy on Sunday 14th September at 21:00. StarsincludeRalf Little, Johnny Vegas and of… read..

'The Cup' airs on BBC2

Date: 20-AUG-2008

Look out for Gadbury Artistes in new BBC2 series 'The Cup' (Hartswood Films).The first of 6episodesisairedonThursday 21st August. read..

New Ken Loach Feature 'Looking For Eric'

Date: 23-JUN-2008

It's the end of the shoot andit's been another success for Gadbury… read..

'Massive' BBC

Date: 13-JUN-2008

More great feedback about Gadbury SA's who filmed on 'Massive' (BBC3/BBC Comedy North). Gadbury Casting provided the majority of the SA's and looks… read..

'Clash of the Santas'

Date: 16-MAY-2008

Congratulations to all the regular SA's who worked on 'Clash of the Santas' (ITV/Granada) which is due to be aired on ITV1 on Boxing Day. Yet more… read..

'The Cup'

Date: 5-MAY-2008

Thank you to all Gadbury Artistes involved in the filming of 'The Cup' (BBC2/Hartswood films). We're very proud to have provided… read..

'Boy A' - BAFTA Nomination

Date: 18-MAR-2008

'Boy A' whose SA's were mostly from Gadbury Casting. Winners announced on Sunday 20th April. Nominations include best single drama and best actor… read..

'Poppy Shakespeare' to be aired on Channel 4

Date: 12-MAR-2008

  The transmission date has been announced for 'Poppy Shakespeare' as Monday 31st March on Channel 4 at 21:00. Look out for all… read..

'Boy A' - R.T.S. Nomination

Date: 4-MAR-2008

'Boy A' (Cuba Pictures for Channel 4) has been nominated for Best Single Drama and Best Male (Andrew Garfield) at this years Royal… read..

Award season begins for "Boy A"

Date: 1-JAN-2008

" Boy A "hasbeennominated for a South Bank Show Award. The majority of SA's were provided by Gadbury… read..

"Shameless V"

Date: 31-DEC-2007

"Shameless V" Channel 4     - Watch out for Gadbury Casting faces in the fantastic new series of Shameless starting… read..

'Poppy Shakespeare' success

Date: 1-DEC-2007

'PoppyShakespeare' Channel4 - Congratulations to all who worked on "Poppy Shakespeare" producedby Cowboy Films… read..

'It's Adam and Shelley'

Date: 1-AUG-2007

'It'sAdamandShelley' BBC3 - Look out forexcellent performances from our Artistes in BBC3 comedy sketch show 'It's Adam and Shelly'.… read..