Terms and Conditions 



The Artiste appoints the Agent to represent them in respect of all walk-on and supporting Artiste positions in the North of England (areas Stoke to North Yorkshire including Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Humberside and all of Yorkshire)




The appointment shall come into effect immediately and shall continue until terminated by either party.


Agent’s Obligations 


To obtain the Artiste’s consent before entering into any binding commitment on behalf of the Artiste.


Subject to the Artiste’s express consent to enter into contracts on behalf of the Artiste.


To use best endeavours to ensure that all monies are collected which are due to the Artiste in respect of work or contracts to which this agreement applies.


Not to disclose any information concerning the personal of business affairs of the Artiste.


Artiste’s Obligations 


To use best endeavours:


- To keep the Agent informed at all times as to the Artiste’s current address and telephone number

- To maintain a telephone answering machine or service and to ensure that it is operating when the Artiste is not available to answer the telephone; and

- To check such machine or service for messages at least once on every working weekday, except during period when the Artiste shall have notified the Agent that the Artiste will not be accessible by telephone.

-To keep the Agent informed of any changes to bank account details to which fees are to be paid. The Agent will not be held responsible for any payments made into closed or unused accounts, if no notification has been given prior.

-To keep DBS Basic Disclosure up to date.

- To notify Agent of any changes in appearance.


To use best endeavours to notify the Agent of all periods when the Artiste:


- Will not be available to undertake engagements or employment.

- Will not be accessible by telephone.


The Artiste will not accept Supporting Artiste work on any production with any other agency in any of the areas mentioned above.


To carry out to the best of the Artiste’s ability all contracts and engagements, and the duties of all employment to which this agreement applies.




Both parties respectively warrant to the other:


- That they are free to enter into this agreement and that it does not infringe any other agreement by which either of them is bound;

- That if either party has an interest in any enterprise with which the other is contracting, or proposing to contract, to disclose the fact to the other and to waive or vary the terms for payment of commission as maybe just and fair in the circumstances.



The Agent shall be entitled to commission:


At the rate of 20 per cent from work to which this agreement applies.


Provided that: 

- Commission shall not be payable unless and until payment is actually received by the Artist or by the Agent;

- If the agent is registered for VAT, VAT will be payable in addition to the commission;

- “Earnings” include, in addition to fees and salaries for work done, residual fees, royalties, license fees in respect of work to which this agreement applies even if the sums in question are paid (with the Artiste agreement or by the artist direction) to some other person or body, but not reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Artist.

- If the Agent may deduct the commission and the VAT payable thereon from sums received on the Artists behalf. 



The Agent shall be entitled to a £50 administration fee to be deducted from the Artiste’s first payment only and thereafter an annual fee of £25 will be charged. This payment will be taken each year after the Artiste has been with the company for one year and will only be deducted from payments for work done by the Artiste.


Commission payments will be made by BACS direct into the Artistes bank 

account. Payments required by cheque will incur a £1 administration fee. 



The Artist hereby authorises the Agent to give on the Artiste’s behalf any consent required under the copyright designs and patents act 1988 or any statutory amendment.


This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties no statement or representation by either party which is not contained in this agreement shall be binding. Nothing in this agreement detract from the provisions of the employment agencies act 1973 or any statutory amendment.

If you have any queries regarding the terms and conditons please don't hesitate to contact the office.