Working as a S.A. (Supporting Artiste)

To ensure that you are well prepared for your Walk–On and Supporting Artist roles we have compiled a set of expectations that you will need to adhere to whilst on set.

Sorry to those who we are stating the obvious to and for those who are less experienced we hope that you find them useful.


If on location most productions provide meals but please expect to pay if you are filming in the studios.

Always assume a costume change. Take x4 sets of clothing.

Take accessories e.g. handbags and jewellery if required.

If you know the season the scene is set  in take this into consideration when choosing your outfits.

Do not wear anything too bright (unless stated) or with obvious logos. Do wear solid colours you need to blend into the background!

Be camera ready. Have hair and make up done on arrival you normally won't have a make up artist/stylist.

Take a warm coat to wear between scenes, you may be on a cold bus for a long time.

Take a good book, magazine, knitting etc. Be prepared for a lot of waiting about.

Ensure that you know your National Insurance Number or have it written down.

Morning of Shoot

Ensure that you know exactly where you are going and what time you have to be there. We can't stress enough how important punctuality is.

Get directions before morning of shoot. It's always a good idea to do a "dummy run" before if you can.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your call time.

Be contactable especially on the morning of shoot. Ensure that your mobile telephones are switched on and batteries fully charged.

If you do get lost or have any questions ring Gadbury Casting before ringing the 2nd Assistant Director.

Ring Gadbury Casting and the 2nd Assistant Director (if you have been given their number) if you are going to be late. This really should never happen unless there's a very good reason.

On Set

TURN OFF MOBILE TELEPHONES. Don't just put them on silent, they cause interference with microphones.

Report straight to the 2nd Assistant Director who will show you where to sign in.

Expect to mime, ensure that you stay silent and don't whisper so you don't disrupt the sound.

Have conversations and gestures planned before shooting. Don't recite nonsense e.g. alphabet or numbers.

For continuity don't drink the drinks, change your hair style, remove or add clothing or apply makeup while a scene that you are in is being filmed.

Don't come out of role if you've made a mistake it more than likely won't have been picked up on camera. Only ever stop if told to by the director.

There's a certain etiquette that you will be expected to follow once on set. Don't get star struck, don't call actors by their character names and don't ask for autographs.

Everyone is very busy on set and really won't appreciate being asked for work experience or advice on personal projects. Unfortunately this is seen as unprofessional.

Never take photographs, films are protected by copyright.

Don't look into the camera.

If you aren't happy with something on set or are querying what you are being asked to do, ring Gadbury Casting for advice before speaking to someone on set.

All shots are thoroughly planned so a director won't appreciate being swayed from their ideas. So if you have an opinion on the filming it's best to please keep it to yourself.

End of the Day/Wrap

Ensure that you have your release form signed before you go home or you won't get paid.

The main thing that we ask of you is that you are reliable, punctual and able to follow direction. This will reflect well on you and 2nd Assistant Directors often ask to work with their favourites again. We have every faith that you will be successful and are confident that together we will continue the success of the Agency.